By thoroughly performing risk assessments and advance work, our agents are able to gather valuable intelligence to better help choreograph the principal's activities. We offer both foreign and domestic advance work that provides a measure to insure that our principal experiences a safe and confidential atmosphere, free of any inconvenience. Our advance work eliminates your need to make travel arrangements and allows for anonymity.

We rely on human instinct as a first line of defense versus technological tools. Our Agents have extensive protection experience both within the United States and in foreign countries. A majority of our staff are trained in the field of paramedicine who are capable of ameliorating possible medical problems that may arise. Executive Outcome is superior to any other when it comes to medical care. We offer the ability to provide advanced airway management, cardiac defibrillation, and intravenous solution administration. For more information see advanced medical life support page. In addition, we have agents with skills in diving and water rescue.

If you would like more information, or would like personal price quotes contact us at:

(810) 725-3687 Headquarters
(810) 725-3123 Fax
P.O. Box 66204
Roseville, MI 48066

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